NCS (nerve conduction study) and EMG (electromyography) testing.
NCS and EMG are examinations performed by your doctor that are considered an extension of your medical history and physical exam findings.  They are two separate tests that are usually done at the same time.  These test finding help your doctor to gather information about the function of nerves and muscles in your body.

NCS (nerve conduction study)
NCS are performed by a trained physician or medical technician under physician supervision.  In our office only physicians perform Nerve Conduction Studies.  In this portion of the examination, the doctor records the function of the body’s electrical system.  The doctor will apply a small shock to stimulate nerve signal, and then the doctor records that signals strength, and how fast that signal traveled.  Usually several nerves are tested, and the small shocks cause a mild, quick tingling feeling, but are not harmful.

EMG Testing (Electromyogram)
EMG must be performed by a trained physician, usually a physiatrist or neurologist.  In this portion of the testing, the doctor uses a very thin, disposable needle (used for only one patient) inserted into muscles that need testing.  There may be some pain during the needle portion of EMG testing, but the doctor obtains valuable information about the function of nerves and muscles being tested.

More information regarding all electrodiagnostic testing is available at American Association of Neuromuscular and Electrodianostic Medicine

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