Musculoskeletal ultrasound represents an exciting way for physicians to visualize ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves in the office setting for both diagnostic purposes as well as to precisely guide injection procedures. While ultrasound has been available and used to diagnose tendon and ligament injuries since the 1980s, improvements in technology and image soft ware availability has greatly improved the image quality and  capabilities for physicians to obtain US machines that allow them to image patients in the office setting. This allows the physician to combine their history and physical examination skills determine whether an ultrasound may be of benefit to determine if a tendon has “wear and tear” referred to as tendinosis or whether there is a full or partial tear.     

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Using ultrasound guidance, we can now precisely place injections in the exact location where they are needed and avoid structures such as blood vessels and nerves. Ultrasound guided injections have been shown to improve the outcome in treatment when used in various areas such as in the shoulder for a bursal injection and in the plantar fascia. We have used ultrasound to guide injections into a variety of structures which include the Achilles tendon sheath, hip joint and carpal tunnel. Ultrasound is also used to precisely place platelet rich plasma grafts directly into the area(s) that have the greatest abnormality.
We have published several articles that included ultrasound in the treatment of a labral cysts and torn patellar tendon and have recently completed a study using ultrasound to look at the rotator cuff tendons in collegiate baseball players.

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