Stem Cell Injections

The patient's own cells are used to address conditions such as ACL tears, avascular nevrosis (AVN), arthritis, cartilage defects (osteochondral lesions), labral tears (shoulder or hip), large rotator cuff tears, etc.

BONE MARROW ASPIRATE CONCENTRATE (BMAC - "Stem cells") This is a process that is performed in our office with musculoskeletal ultrasound and/or fluoroscopy (x-ray guidance).  The fist step differs from PRP in than we have to obtain the patient's bone marrow.  This usually comes from the back of the pelvis and sounds painful, but when performed under local anesthesia to the site slowly there is minimal discomfort.  The first portion of this treatment is the PRP and the BMAC is then added.  The patient's bone marrow and blood are processed at the procedure appointment and used for the treatment at that time.  The bone marrow provides a higher quantity of stem cells than are "floating" around our blood. BMAC is typically used for failures of PRP treatment or more severe disease such as osteoarthrosis (OA or arthritis). This is what most clinics offer when one hears about stem cell (or PRP) treatments and comes from a desktop system that produces unknown components and quantities of that individual's bone marrow and blood. We have our own on site lab to process and test your graft.

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Yasmin was, and always will be, a shining example of a how a person can achieve anything with hard work and a life-affirming attitude. She gave more than she took, she loved more than she feared, and she nurtured her family and friends at every opportunity. We will always remember Yasmin as a woman of strength, courage and compassion. 

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