What is Ozone?

Ozone is an “energized” form of oxygen, which occurs naturally in small amounts in the Earth’s upper atmosphere.  It is formed through the interaction between the sun’s ultraviolet radiation and oxygen in the stratosphere.  The Earth’s ozone layer protects us from the sun’s ultraviolet rays as well as being the reason that there is life on this planet.  You can often smell it in the air after a big thunderstorm, because it is created in the presence of lightning.  Ozone is widely thought of as a pollutant.  The difference between a therapeutic agent and a poison is the dose.  Additionally, our body’s white blood cells produce ozone to protect us from pathogens (bad bugs).


How Does Oxygen/Ozone Therapy Work?


Oxygen/Ozone causes a “transient oxidative stress” to the cell to stimulate natural reactions in the body to promote health and wellness and kill pathogens (viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungus, etc.) as they have no natural defenses.  The cells in your body generate energy and if this is impaired one can develop inflammation, chronic pain, and a chronic disease state can develop.  Ozone helps cells utilize oxygen more.  It improves circulation, immune system function, and healing.

How is Oxygen/Ozone Administered?


Since ozone is a naturally occurring gas, it cannot be bottled.  For therapeutic administrating, ozone is made from medical grade oxygen and a precise generator.  There are multiple ways to deliver the ozone to a patient:


     •  As an injection either under the skin or into an injured joint (Prolozone®)

     •  Injected after mixing ozone and blood taken from the patient

     •  Intravenously after taking the patient’s blood and adding ozone to it

     •  Topically with ozonated water or ozone bagging for burns, wounds or skin infections

     •  Insufflated (blowing on or into) to the rectum, vagina, urethra, and ear



What conditions does Oxygen/ Ozone Therapy treat?

Oxygen/Ozone Therapy helps with many chronic pain issues and is a great alternative to invasive surgery.  Some of the conditions it helps:  herniated discs, arthritis, sciatic/back pain, tendonosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, and “bursitis”.  Even in patients who are not 100% cured by it, Ozone/Prolozone® therapy can effectively reduce the effects/symptoms of the patient’s disease and provide them with a higher quality of life.


What are the benefits of Oxygen/Ozone Therapy?


These treatments are extremely beneficial to chronic pain sufferers by helping to increase circulation and reduce the inflammation.  In doing this, it allows for the patient’s immune system to start working at a higher level.  Oxygen/Ozone therapy in combination with a more effectively functioning immune system provide a patient’s body with the opportunity to heal naturally.  Oxygen/Ozone  treatments have been proven effective in   helping individuals with arthritis, specifically Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis, to find relief from chronic pain.  A solution can be injected directly into the arthritic joints in order to reduce the inflammation and to inactivate harmful pathogens.

Is it FDA approved?


Ozone was published in the medical literature before the FDA’s existence and therefore was “grandfathered”.  There are various generators of differing quality.  The generator is/should be certified by UL and/or ETL.  Oxygen is highly flammable, so it is imperative that Ozone/Prolozone® treatments are administered by trained professionals.  Its administration is the practice of medicine, which is not the purview of the FDA.

Ozone and Prolozone® Therapy




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